Grateful Dead Road Stories—Europe '81 (Russelshiem)

1980s Europe '81 Grateful Dead Road Stories

Munich to the Walter Köbel Halle
Russelshiem, West Germany


After recovering from the great show the night before at the Olympiahalle, I made my way from the youth hostel I was staying at in the suburbs of Munich to the main train station, the “Hauptbahnhof”.

Wearing my “Relix” shirt I was spotted by a group heads while I was wandering around the station looking for the train to that night's Grateful Dead show at the Walter Köbel Halle in Russelshiem (near Frankfurt).

They invited me to travel with them to the show, in a VW camper van, and the plan was we’d sleep in the van after the show.

Grateful Dead photos by Bob Minkin At the Munich Hauptbahnhof.

It was four hour drive from Munich to Russelshiem, and once we got there I scored a ticket outside and was surprised to see how small the venue was, maybe 3,500 people. Lots of American GIs at the gig from the nearby army base.

Some highlights were, Bird Song > Looks Like Rain, To Lay me Down (!), heavy space > Spanish Jam > The Wheel.

It was a lysergic night for me.

More photographs and stories from this tour are in my book, JUST JERRY. Available here.

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  • LiveDeadShows on

    Great story Bob Minkin! Wow what I would have done to have been there. Your photography are priceless cultural heritage treasures. I’m happy promoting your work on my social media pages.

    You and Blakesberg agree to cover 25 states each or something? 😂

    Thank you for transporting those of us who weren’t on the bus yet.

    NFA!⚡️💀🌹 ~L.D.S

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