Jerry Garcia Band at the Capitol 1978

Capitol Theater Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry Garcia Band at the Capitol, Passaic, NJ

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn

Went with my friend Joel and his older brother Dave who drove us in his VW Scirocco. Dave drove us to a lot of shows back then. Dave was also pretty connected and had two extra backstage passes that he graciously gave to us. So there were were, backstage at the Capitol, not quite 19 years old, trying to stay cool and soaking up the vibes as it was a heady experience. I bumped into my friend Pammy back there, and took a shot of her with Jerry. Jerry said, “make it quick” so I did, and didn't really focus or adjust the exposure properly hence the dark out of focus image. Sot both shows, what a great night it was… It’s fully documented on utoob so check it out.

Tammy and Jerry

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