Grateful Dead - Hilton press conference, New York, NY 1.9.79

1970s Bill Kreutzmann Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Mickey Hart

This press conference at the N.Y. Hilton hotel was arranged for college media and sandwiched between the Dead’s Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum shows.

I was able to wangle a pass for this and was delighted to see the whole band there except for Donna.

Grateful Dead Hilton Hotel, New York, NY 1.9.79

Rock Scully was the moderator. Once the band got settled, Jerry promptly lit up a joint and the conference began. 

At one point, one of the tape decks on the dais made a noticeably loud “click,” indicating that a tape flip was needed. Jerry, Mickey, and Billy all reached at the same time to flip the tape.

— Bob Minkin

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