Grateful Dead - Radio City Music Hall 1980

1980s Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Radio City Music Hall Road Stories

This run was huge. For the first time in a decade, the Dead were going to incorporate an acoustic set into their show, followed by two electric sets. 

The tour opened with 15 nights at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, followed by two shows in New Orleans. It wrapped up with eight nights at New York City’s gleaming art deco palace, Radio City Music Hall, and culminated on Halloween with a radio broadcast and closed-circuit TV in a few theaters. 

When I heard the set lists from the Warfield shows I was jumping out of my skin with excitement for these shows.

I had to sleep out on the street along with hundreds of other Dead Heads to get a good place in line when tickets went on sale. I scored four nights.

Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead Radio City Music Hall Photos

My buddy dropped acid the first night we went, 10/25. The light show that night was amazing!

They broke out many tunes in the acoustic sets that I had only dreamed of ever hearing live.

I had no official access, but luckily the security guard by the stage was very cool and let me shoot as much as I wanted.

— Bob Minkin

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